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Rubber Properties

The following chart provides property data our range of rubber seals as published by our material suppliers.


  • No1 (Flash point 243°C, Aniline point 124°C) has a moderate swelling effect;
  • No3 (Flash point 163°C, Aniline point 70°C) has a severe swelling effect.
  • Both oils are fully described in ASTM D471.
  • * Du Pont registered trademark

Property Silicone Neoprene* (Polychloroprene)
Shortform Name Si CR
Hardness range 40-80o 30-90o
Colours Limited Range Full Range
Heat Resistance    
Max continuous 205°C 95°C
Max intermittent 300°C 125°C
Low Temperature -60°C (special grades -80°C) -40°C
Oxidation Excellent Very good
Ozone/Weathering Outstanding Very Good
Oil Resistance    
ASTM Oil 1 @20°C Excellent Excellent
ASTM Oil 1 @100°C Good Good
ASTM Oil 3 @20°C Good Good
ASTM Oil 3 @100°C Fair Fair
Fuel Resistance    
ASTM Fuel B @40°C Unsuitable Poor
Solvent Resistance (20°C)    
Alcohol Good Good
Acetone Fair Fair
Benzene Unsatisfactory Unsatisfactory
Chemical Resistance    
Acids Fair Good
Bases Fair Fair
Physical Strength Poor Good
Compression Set Good Fair to Good
Tear & Abrasion Resistance Poor Good
Resilience Good Very Good
Gas Permeability Fairly Low Low
Electrical Strength Excellent Good
Flame Resistance Good Self-extinguishing
Water Resistance Good Good