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Customer Service Questionnaire

We are in the process of reviewing our customer service programme. To help us to achieve this would you kindly fill in the questionnaire below. Thank you in advance for your assistance with this survey.
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1. Is the level of contact with your business:
2. Is the speed and accuracy of response to your enquiries:
3. How do rate our response to your order progressing:
4. Is our response to help and information:
5. In general how do you rate our documentation:
6. Is our delivery service:
7. How good is our packaging:
8. Is the labelling of goods for identification:
9. Is the information provided:
10. Is the accuracy of the information:
11. Would you rate our staff abilities to satisfy your requirements as:
12. Overall how would you rate Peppers as a supplier:
13. We are interested to hear your comments...