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Ingress Protection

It is essential when selecting cable glands and/or accessories to ensure that the product will maintain the IP rating of te equipment and the integrity of the installation.

IP Codes are based on the IEC Standard 529
Degrees of protection provided by enclosures
In most cases Peppers cable glands will maintain Ingress Protection of the equipment into which they are installed to:
IP 66
  • Dust Tight. No ingress of dust possible
  • Protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water. Prevents ingress sufficient to cause harm
IP 67
  • Dust Tight. No ingress of dust possible
  • Protected against harmful ingress of water when immersed between a depth of 150mm to 1m
IP 68
  • Dust tight. No ingress of dust possible
  • Protected against submersion. Suitable for continuous immersion in water at stated depth
  • (Depth stated for Peppers cable glands = 25m)
DTS 01
  • This test was originally constructed by Shell and Esso in the UK to simulate the routine deluging of electrical equipment on offshore installations
The minimum requirements for Hazardous Location products is:
IP 54
  • Dust protected. Prevents ingress of dust sufficient to cause harm
  • Protected from splashing water from any direction

As a general guide to selecting the sealing method that is most likely to maintain the required IP rating for different entry types, we recommend:

  • Clearance Holes - Integral 'O' ring seal or nylon IP washer
  • Parallel Threaded Entries - Integral 'O' ring seal, IP washer or non-hardening thread sealant
  • Taper Threaded Entries - Non-hardening thread sealant